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Group Tours at Canyonlands by Night and Day

Amazing Tours in Beautiful Moab, Utah for Your Entire Group

Choose Your Adventure

There are so many ways to explore the beautiful red rock area surrounding Moab. Canyonlands by Night and Day offers a variety of group tours everyone can enjoy.

Group Vacation Guidance

If you have a group and need help planning a trip to Moab, Utah, Rachel Paxman, Group Sales Specialist at Canyonlands by Night and Day, will become your most valuable asset. Rachel will help you plan your trip, book rooms, and create itineraries. She has worked in the tour industry for many years and has deep experience in making your tour memorable.

Call Rachel today at 435-259-5261 to get your group tour underway.


We have a collection of resources to assist you with planning and booking your group tour. Click here to go the Canyonlands by Night and Day resource center.