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Moab Rock Climbing & Canyoneering

Moab's a popular spot for Rock Climbing and Canyoneering - try for yourself!

Join Canyonlands by Night and Day in discovering why people from around the world come to experience rock climbing and canyoneering in Moab, Utah. The adventurous trips combine natural history, learning, and excitement! Professional guides will teach or refresh the skills needed to enjoy the trip and go at your pace. No experience is necessary.  Moab rock climbing and canyoneering are amazing trips you don’t want to miss! Tours are approximately five hours and include water and snacks.


Moab Rock Climbing Details

The Moab Rock Climbing adventure can be an excellent introduction to rock climbing or an informative refresher. Regardless of your experience, we cover the essentials: equipment use and care, knots and ropework, basic belaying and descending all while improving your face and crack climbing techniques. Our climbing areas also provide the perfect situation to make the transition from a climbing gym to a real rock. We adapt the climbing to your abilities and experience level. Choose to learn specific skills or get challenged with a vertical workout! A variety of routes and a relaxed atmosphere will allow you to progress at your own pace—all of this in a spectacular location. Our Half-Day Climbing Adventure is the perfect length to challenge adults and wear out the kids!


Adult (ages 13 and older): $134+ tax

Youth (ages 5 – 12): $110+ tax


Moab Rock Climbing is offered April-November and offers a morning and afternoon departure that vary throughout the year. Click the booking button to see the times offered.

Age Requirements

To qualify for Youth pricing, your child must be between the ages of 5 –12.

Moab Canyoneering Adventure

Starting amongst ancient petrified sand dunes we hike our way downhill to a dry sand and rock wash. Quickly the wash disappears over an edge, plunging into the depths of a hidden chasm. “We go down there?” is the usual question after peering over the edge, and indeed we do! This exquisite rappel is the first obstacle in reaching the entrance to the amazing Grotto. Now, almost totally enclosed in a small stone room, we exit to find our next challenge; an incredible rappel into an alluring green canyon below via an enormous natural stone bridge! Detailed canyoneering instruction and a back-up safety system allow even the first-time canyoneer a chance to experience this exciting activity. Insights into geology, plant life, and natural history provide depth to your adventure. A cool spring-fed stream accompanies us for the rest of this outstanding hike.


Adult (ages 13 and older): $134+ tax

Youth (ages 10 – 12): $110+ tax


The Moab Canyoneering Tour operates from March  – November and offers morning and afternoon departures that vary throughout the year. Click the booking button to see the times offered.

Age Requirements

To qualify for Youth pricing, your child must be between the ages of 10 – 12.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cool off after Canyoneering and Rock Climbing?

Rock Climbing was amazing with Zach. He was the perfect transition from gym climbing to a real world experience for our 9 year old twin boys. He focused on equipment, safety, planning climbs, and how to navigate something familiar but really different from the gym. The team at Moab was totally positive, accommodating, and professional. Would HIGHLY recommend and will work with them again!!