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Self-guided flat water river trip into Canyonlands National Park!

For Green River vehicle put-in and take-out, click here!

Canyonlands By Night & Day is an authorized concessioner of Canyonlands National Park.

Adventure Description

Canyonlands National Park is known for its remote back-country solitude. Paddling on the calm waters that cut through the interior of the Park is one of the best ways to experience the privacy of this flat water wilderness at your own pace. We can help you organize and outfit your canoe/kayak camping trip down the Green River or Colorado River through Canyonlands, including jet boat shuttle.


Adventure Level

This is a self guided trip and requires canoe and camping skills. When you think Moab Utah camping, don’t rule out this possibility. The river current is a help but paddling is required. Excellent guide maps are available.

  • Backcountry – Flat water (no rapids)
  • Knowledge of packing and camping
  • Excellent hiking opportunities

The Big Picture

Your personalized Canyonlands self-guided trips will start and end at the Canyonlands By Night & Day office in Moab, Utah. We will transport you, your personal gear, canoes/kayaks/or rafts from the office using our shuttle vehicles and trailers. Your return trip is a jet boat shuttle from the Confluence of the Green and Colorado Rivers. Your private expedition can last anywhere from three days to longer depending on the launch site you choose.

Your Skill Requirements: This backcountry expedition requires outdoor skills that are essential on a self guided trip; camping basics, map reading, boat maneuvering, meal planning, and an understanding of the rules and regulations. Below are some excellent resources.

Rules and Regulations


(Canyonlands By Night & Day does not get your permits for you, you must do this yourself. You are also solely responsible for knowing the Laws governing boating in Utah. Please see all the links below…)

Paddling on the Green River or the Colorado River requires a permit. You must obtain the permit(s) at least 2 weeks prior to your arrival. Follow these links for permit information:

National Park Service (required for any trip entering Canyonlands)
BLM Permit (required if starting at Green River State Park or Ruby Ranch)
Utah State Boating Laws (rules apply to any waterway in Utah)

Backcountry Rules

Canyonlands By Night has adopted the Leave No Trace ethic to keep these areas wild and scenic for future visitors. Basically, it means to leave everything as it was when you found it. We offer the following link so you may do otherwise: Leave No Trace.

No pets are allowed in the Park.


Please see below for details on all rental equipment we have available.


We do charge an additional boat fee to transport your own canoe, raft or kayak; However, we do not charge if you rent canoes from us. We also rent other canoe related gear.

Helpful Hint: A large car wash sponge helps keep your vessel clean during the trip.

Toilet Systems

Your toilet system should be designed to empty into a sewer system in the same way that recreational vehicles discard refuse. Pack your toilet so it is readily available for day use as well as campsite use. Soiled feminine hygiene products should be stored in a zip-lock bag and carried out in your garbage.

We have toilet systems available for rent if you do not have one. Our toilets are custom made for durability, ease of use and comfort. A real toilet seat attaches for camp use! The seat is removed and a separate lid seals the container for transportation. We clean the toilet after your trip. Toilet paper is not included in our rental (please note that when using our toilet we require toilet paper to be kept in a separate bag like a zip lock and not placed in the toilet.  Remember to bring zip locks!)

Helpful Hint: Throwing Wag Bags into regular trash disposal is against the law and bio-hazard. Grand County has five approved Wag Bag Disposal sites:

  1. Canyonlands Solid Waste Authority Transfer Station, 2295 S. Highway 191
  2. Southeast Utah Health Department, 575 Kane Creek Blvd.
  3. Lions Park, north side of the intersection of Highways 191 and 128
  4. Grand County Transit Hub, south side of the intersection of Highways 191 and 128
  5. Wastewater Reclamation Facility, 1070 W. 400 North

For updated sites, hours and rules visit Discover Moab’s new Poop in Moab page at 


Fire Pans

A fire pan is required in Canyonlands National Park and the surrounding BLM lands regardless of whether or not you plan on having a fire while camping on the river. Fire pans must be at least 12″ in diameter with a 2″ lip. Bring your own wood or collect driftwood or down and dead tamarisk. The ash of a fire is deposed of with your trash. We have fire pans available for rent.

Helpful Hint: Sprinkle a couple of cups of water in your fire pan to cool ashes in the evening and put everything in with your trash the morning before you depart your beach.


Chose to meet at our office at 8:00am MT or 2:00pm MT for orientation then to start loading your gear. Loading should be complete within one hour from the time of your arrival. The drive to any of the Green River boat ramps will take approximately an hour to an hour and a half. The drive to either of the Colorado River boat ramps takes about 30 minutes.

On the last day of your trip, you will be picked up by a Canyonlands By Night jet boat shuttle boat between the Confluence of the Colorado and Green Rivers and Spanish Bottom at 11:00am MT. Your vessels and equipment will be loaded onto the jet boat and you can enjoy a leisure ride upstream in comfortable style. The jet boat, still with gear inside, is brought all the way back to the Canyonlands By Night office in Moab, Utah. Plan on arriving back to Moab around 1:00pm MT (Don’t make travel plans for the same day in case of any emergencies or problems with weather or boats).

Mileage Schedule

Use the mileage schedule below to plan your self-designed Green River or Colorado River canoe, kayak, or raft trip. 15 to 20 miles per day is the average distance made in a canoe in about 6 hours of leisure paddling. Water levels and weather can have an effect on the actual distance made each day. Add enough time for hiking and exploring.

Helpful Hint: In warmer weather an upstream wind is common. This generally occurs in the afternoon so break camp early and get on your way.


Trip Highlights

  • Self-Designed / Self-Guided camping vacation
  • Bring your own boat or rent one from us!
  • Flexible length: 3 days or longer
  • Privacy & solitude on up to 120 miles of Canyonlands flat water
  • Fitness Level: Good to average. Hiking is available throughout the canyon. Desert rivers are warm from about mid-June to mid-September.

Who Should Go

Almost anyone; experienced paddlers, novice paddlers, friends, and families. Those who enjoy the Boundary Waters or backpacking trips will find this a special treat. These sections of the river are all flat water (no rapids).

Dates Available

Contact our office for reservation dates available.

Rentals Available

Canoe Rentals:

15′ Coleman Canoe – $35+ tax per day

17′ Osaigan Canoe – $40+ tax per day

16′ Mad River Explorer – $40+ tax per day

16’9″ Old Town Discovery – $45+ tax per day


Canoe Seat Backs

$3 for the 1st day and $2 every day after.

Fire Pan 

$3 for the 1st day and $2 every day after.

Toilet System

Large- $15 for the 1st day and $12 every day after +$30 Dump fee.
Small- $12 for the 1st day and $8 every day after +$30 Dump fee.
Kayak- $10 for the 1st day and $6 every day after +$30 Dump fee.


  • Large: 18″ x 16″ x 16″ high – 64 uses
  • Small: 12” x 12” x 12” – 26 uses
  • Kayak: 13.5” x 10” x 8” – 14 uses

Large Dry Bags

$8 for the 1st day and $5 every day after.

5-gallon Water Jugs

$5 for the 1st day and $3 every day after.

55qt Food Cooler

$9 for the 1st day and $5 every day after.

Shuttle Fees

$289.00 + tax per Adult
$173.50 per Youth 3 and under

These rates are round trip, from our office in Moab to your launch point, and the Jet Boat return to Moab.

In addition to all shuttle fees above for transporting people and their gear, the below fees are charged for the handling of boats not rented from Canyonlands By Night:

Solo Canoe: $35
Standard Canoe: $35
Inflatable Kayak or SUP: $25
Hard Shell Kayak $40
Tandem Kayak: $35

Rafts are charged these additional rates:

$1,130.00 for a raft less than 10′
$1,320.00 for rafts 11-12′
$1,510.00 for rafts 13-14′
$1,890.00 for raft 15′ to 16′
*NOTE: We cannot transport larger than a 16′ raft

A 20% deposit is due at the time of booking and is non-refundable.  Balance due the day of departure.

Cancellation Policy

We require a 20% non-refundable deposit to make each reservation. If you cancel before 48 hours then the deposit is forfeited. Any changes to boats, number of people, or cancellations within 48 hours are completely non-refundable and charged in full.


(435) 259-5261

Call for a reservation or use our trip inquiry form

Green River Boat Launch Areas

Green River State Park – Confluence 120 miles / 7-10 days
Ruby Ranch – Confluence 97 miles / 5-8 days
Mineral Bottom – Confluence 52 miles / 3-6 days

Colorado River Boat Launch Areas

Moab Dock – Confluence 64 miles / 3-6 days
Potash – Confluence 47 miles / 3-6 days

Boat Ramp Information

Green River State Park Ramp
The road is paved all the way to this put-in. There is an entrance fee of $5.00 per person for day use. If you camp overnight, additional fees apply. Warning: Very shallow at lower water levels 1700 cfs – 2000 cfs at the Highway bridge crossing of the Green River. Check water flow.

Ruby Ranch Ramp
The road is paved for the first 30 minutes, then turns to backcountry dirt roads. Ruby Ranch is private property and the owners charge a fee of $10.00 per boat and $5.00 per person.

Mineral Bottom Ramp
The road is paved for the first 30 minutes, then turns to backcountry dirt roads. The last few miles the road becomes steep and narrow as it drops into the river canyon. The road becomes impassable during rain. No put in fee.

Moab Boat Ramp
The road is paved. The ramp is located less than 2 miles from Moab, Utah.

Potash Ramp
The road is paved. The ramp is located 17 miles from Moab, Utah

The Jet Boat Pick-Up The Canyonlands jet boat will locate you on a beach between the confluence of the Green and Colorado Rivers and Spanish Bottom. Be prepared to pass your bundled equipment onto the jet boat at the designated pick up time. Remove all gear from your vessel and have your vessel clean. Vessels will be loaded onto the jet boat top rack for transport back to Moab. Our jet boat needs at least 5 feet of depth, 5 feet out to access the shore.

The Confluence and Spanish Bottom
Below the confluence, the Colorado River can change personality. At this point, life-jackets are required for EVERYONE. There are eddies during various water levels. Also be prepared for a more powerful current. Four miles beyond the Confluence the rapids of Cataract Canyon begin. DO NOT ENTER THE RAPIDS.