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Support Jet Boats on the Colorado River

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Support Jet Boats and Docks on the Colorado River! Your Voice Matters!

Hey River Lovers!

We need YOUR help to keep the Colorado River an exciting and accessible destination for everyone! The Colorado River Comprehensive Management Plan (CRCMP) adopted by the FFSL is putting forth a draft recreation River Management Plan (page 3-8), in it it states: "Changes to the management actions in Tables 3-1 through 3-4 would depend on whether the desired condition(s) have been met. If management actions need to be adjusted to meet desired conditions related to visitor experience, FFSL would consider actions along a continuum, from influencing visitor expectations and behavior (e.g., voluntary or incentive-based programs) to regulating behavior (regulation of elements such as group size or number of watercraft allowed per group)."

So using their actions continuum from the Colorado River Comprehensive Management Plan it could have the possibility of placing new restrictions on motorized boats and private docks among many other changes that could drastically impact the river experiences we all cherish.

For over 61 years, jet boats have been a beloved part of our river adventures, providing unique, safe, and educational experiences for thousands of visitors. Not only do these tours offer a thrilling way to explore the river, but they also play a critical role in ensuring safety and supporting our local economy.

Colorado River Resource Management Plan

You can find the draft example here: Click to download

Synopsis of the Colorado River Comprehensive Management Plan

The State of Utah, Division for Forestry, Fire and State Lands is implementing a Colorado River Comprehensive Management Plan (CRCMP). The plan outlines a comprehensive approach to managing the Colorado River corridor. Key objectives include:

  1. Reducing User Conflicts: The plan proposes new restrictions or limitations on existing recreation authorizations to minimize conflicts between different river users, especially between motorized and non-motorized activities.
  2. Environmental Protection: The CRCMP emphasizes protecting the river’s natural environment, including measures to prevent bank erosion, protect wildlife habitats, and reduce pollution.
  3. Sustainable Recreation: It aims to ensure the sustainable use of the river for recreational purposes, balancing the needs of various stakeholders while preserving the river’s ecological health.

The plan is a very long document, but you can read the entire thing at the Management Plan at:

Pay close attention to page 197 and the information after it.

All the public comments they have received are negative

  • During the initial study period, a task force was sent to the docks to ask about their experience on the river. They eliminated our dock and didn't ask any motorized users the survey questions, so the survey was very one-sided.
  • During the comment period, the only comments received that were against motorized boating seemed to repeat the same points as if a "special interest group" had sent out a newsletter telling their members what to say.

Here's where you can help!

Send an email to the Division of Natural Resources expressing your support for motorized boats and private docks on the Colorado River. Share your personal experiences, highlight the positive impacts, and emphasize the need for balanced usage that allows all river users to coexist and not be limited.

  • Submit written comments on the draft RMP by emailing: 
  • Or mailing them to:
    Tony Mancuso
    Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands
    1165 S. Highway 191, Suite 6
    Moab, UT 84532

Comments will be accepted from May 1 – July 29, 2024. For more information, please visit the project website (

Share your experience on the Colorado River and urge the Division of Natural Resources to express your support for motorized boats on the Colorado River. 

Days left to comment:

We are accused of scaring wildlife away, but here are three photos of wildlife from today 6/25/24, showing animals in their natural habitats:

Talking Points

Need some help with what to write? Here are some prompts:


  • I am writing to express my support for the continued operation of motorized users on the Colorado River, particularly above the HWY Bridge 191. As a visitor to Moab and a guest who has enjoyed motorized boating on the Colorado River, I have seen firsthand the positive impact that these activities have on the community, the local economy, and the safety of all river users.
  • One of the highlights of our trips has always been the jet boat tours. These experiences have allowed us to see the river in ways that would not be possible otherwise, providing us with unforgettable memories and a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of the area. The tours are not only fun but also educational, as the guides consistently emphasize the importance of protecting the environment and respecting other river users.
  • Motorized boating has significantly enhanced our understanding and enjoyment of the Colorado River. We have always felt safe knowing that experienced boat operators are there, ready to assist in case of an emergency.
  • Many visitors like myself choose Moab as a destination because of the unique experiences offered by these tours. Limiting or eliminating these activities would not only diminish the appeal of Moab but also negatively impact the local economy, which benefits greatly from tourism.
  • It is also important to note that responsible motorized boat operators take great care to minimize their environmental impact. They follow practices that prevent harm and protect wildlife habitats. During our tours, we have always seen operators slow down near other users and educate their guests about the importance of environmental stewardship.
  • I urge the CRCMP Planning Committee to reconsider the proposed restrictions on motorized boat operations. These restrictions would not only harm the local economy and reduce the safety of all river users but also take away a cherished activity that many visitors enjoy and look forward to. A balanced approach that allows for the coexistence of all river users while preserving the river’s natural beauty and ecological health is essential.

Negative Impacts of Shutting Down Motorized Traffic and Removing Private Docks

Economic Consequences

  1. Job Losses: Restricting motorized traffic would directly impact businesses like ours, which have operated responsibly for over 61 years. This would lead to significant job losses, affecting over 30 employees and their families.
  2. Tourism Decline: Moab’s economy heavily relies on tourism. Motorized boat tours are a major attraction, drawing thousands of visitors annually. Reducing these operations would lead to a decline in tourism revenue, negatively impacting local businesses and the overall economy.

Community and Social Impact

  1. Loss of Local Heritage: Family-owned businesses that have operated for generations would be at risk. These businesses are integral to the community’s identity and heritage.
  2. Safety and Rescue Operations: Motorized boats play a crucial role in ensuring safety on the river. Our team has frequently assisted in rescue operations, providing timely help to those in need. Reducing motorized traffic would compromise the safety of all river users.

Environmental and Recreational Balance

  1. Erosion of Community Efforts: Responsible motorized boat operators are committed to protecting the river’s natural beauty. Our company has been a steward of the river, actively working to prevent erosion and protect the environment. We have collaborated with local authorities to build infrastructure and educate visitors on sustainable practices.
  2. Equitable Access: Private dock owners and motorized users contribute to the diverse recreational use of the river. Removing these elements would unfairly limit access and enjoyment for a significant portion of the community and visitors.

In conclusion, while the RMP aims to address important issues of user conflict and environmental protection, the proposed action continuum following back to the CRCMP's restrictions on motorized traffic and private docks would have far-reaching negative consequences for the Colorado River, Moab’s economy, and its community. It is crucial to consider more balanced solutions that allow for the coexistence of all river users while preserving the river’s natural beauty and economic vitality.


Your voice can make a difference! Together, we can ensure that the Colorado River remains a vibrant and welcoming place for all. Let’s protect our river adventures for future generations!

Thank you for your support! 💙


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