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Tandem Skydiving Tours are today’s most innovative and popular way of making your first jump. Located in the heart of the beautiful red rock canyon country of southeastern Utah, near Moab’s Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, is the most extreme skydiving center. Not only do you have the 20-minute flight and the views but you’ll also experience an amazing 10,000-feet drop from a plane strapped to an experienced instructor who will bring you safely back to earth.

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Your adventure begins by completing paperwork and watching a DVD video explaining the paperwork you are filling out. After you complete your paperwork, you will meet our staff members and your instructors. They will give you a general overview of your skydive. You will learn how to safely exit the aircraft, freefall techniques, how to fly the parachute, and body position during landing. Tandem jumping uses the dual-instruction approach—similar to learning how to fly an airplane—and your tandem instructor will be there to back you up through all phases of your skydive.

The plane ride lasts about 20 to 25 minutes during which the views are incredible! On the way up to 10,000 feet above the ground, you will see Moab from a bird’s eye view. Look down upon Arches and Canyonland’s National Parks, Dead Horse State Park, and the Mighty Colorado River, which merges with the Green River to form the famous Cataract Canyon.

If that’s not breathtaking enough, you’ll also see the three mountain ranges surrounding the Moab area, thousands of hiking and mountain biking trails, and hundreds of canyons that make Moab famous! Moab is the heart of the beautiful red rock canyon country of southeastern Utah and this will definitely enhance your skydiving experience.

When the time comes to jump, you and your instructor will exit the plane 10,000 feet above the earth where you will feel the exhilaration of freefall on your very first jump! Most people expect a roller-coaster feeling when they jump from a plane, but most times this is not the case. The freefall lasts for more than 30 seconds and you will reach speeds of up to 120 MPH (terminal velocity). Most people are amazed how in control they feel during the freefall—the wind feels like a cushion of air suspending you in space. We think you’ll find it feels more like floating than falling!

Once the parachute has opened, you and your instructor will glide gently back to earth. The canopy ride lasts for about five to nine minutes depending on how fast you like to fly the parachute.

The canopy is a rectangular shape similar to the wing of an airplane and completely controllable. You and your instructor can talk to each other very easily on the way down. If conditions are suitable, you may be able to steer the canopy yourself under the supervision of your instructor. This will give you a true feeling of what it is like to skydive by yourself and be in control of your own parachute.

Tandem jumping is such an incredible experience; you will get the high-speed thrill of freefall, followed by the serenity and beauty of the parachute ride. Once you are back on earth, you will receive a first-jump certificate, coupons for free food, and all the necessary information on how to become a licensed skydiver. Whether you are planning to become a skydiver or just want to experience the thrill of skydiving, this is a great introduction into the exciting world of freefall skydiving!


Adult: $199


Trips start at 9 A.M. in the warmer months of summer and earlier or later when the weather is cooler.

Trip times vary depending on how many people are in your group.

A Skydiving Tour for two people takes about two hours.

A Skydiving Tour for four people takes about three hours.

A Skydiving Tour for six people takes about four hours.

While you wait we have free coffee and water in the Skydive Moab Lounge area, which includes leather couches, big-screen HD TV, Playstation, movies, foosball, ping pong, darts, board games, refrigerator, and more. Even waiting to skydive is fun!


Must be 18 years of age and weigh 240 lbs. or less. For every pound over 200 lbs. there is an extra charge of $1/pound. We will contact you for your current weight, and you will be weighed when you check in for your tour.

Wear secure and comfortable clothes and shoes.

Last year was my first time ever skydiving and I loved it! The staff was awesome and I felt completely safe! Decided I loved it so much that I made a goal to go every year! This was my second time and it was just as exciting,fun, and exhilarating as the first time! Staff is absolutely amazing! They are so funny and treat you like you are the most important jumper ever! Couldn’t ask for a better experience!

—Tasia E.

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